Report on the survey of possible long barrow at Sopley

We have just completed the report on the survey we did at Sopley, near Bransgore, in September 2017, where we were looking for the lost site of a long mound, supposed to be a long barrow (burial mound).  The report contains details of the superb detective work involved in locating the site. The mound was originally described and partially excavated by Victorian antiquaries, then levelled to make way for Winkton airfield during WW2.  Our geophysics results have now relocated this mound, but it is yet to be proven whether it was actually a Neolithic long barrow.

We would like to thank Bournemouth University and the New Forest National Park Authority, who made the geophysics equipment available via the LoCATE project.

Here are a few screenshots of pages, see the end of this post for a link to the full report.

Link to the report:  AVAS Geophysics Survey Possible Long Barrow Sopley v1_3

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