Environment Agency LIDAR data to be freely available

I have just noticed the following announcement on the Environment Agency website:

From September 2015 all our LIDAR data will become Open Data and everyone will be able to use it for free.

LIDAR for Avebury

LIDAR for Avebury

This is on https://environmentagency.blog.gov.uk/2015/06/16/free-mapping-data-will-elevate-flood-risk-knowledge/.  The page states that 72% of England now has LIDAR coverage,and the chances are that the Avon Valley and surrounding areas will be available.  This will be a fantastic resource for investigating the archaeology of our region.

Recently the New Forest made available images of hill shaded LIDAR data, accessed via an index map.  Although this is a very valuable set of data, it is difficult to integrate with other layers of data in a Geographical Information System (GIS), as it is not georeferenced.  The Environment Agency data will be georeferenced, and has the advantage of being raw data, allowing greater control over how the data is displayed, including the ability to exaggerate the data to make subtle features stand out more clearly.

I will post an update in September when I have downloaded some data.

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