Geophysics – Oval Barrow – Part 2

On Saturday four of us returned to the site of the possible oval barrow, the survey of which we had started the previous week.  We quickly measured out our grid and started the survey.  After a visit from the gamekeeper to see what we were up to, the first 20m grid square was soon finished.  We had high hopes that the ditch picked up in the adjacent square would continue across the current square.  The results were far from conclusive as shown below (click on the image to enlarge it):

Oval barrow 0_1

We had expected the ditch to enter the square at about (5,0) and curve diagonally across the square, but we seemed to have picked up a wider feature that in fact curves in the opposite direction.  Undeterred by this, we pressed on with the square to the right of the one shown above.  The results from this square were equally puzzling, as shown below  (click on the image to enlarge it):
Oval Barrow 1_1

Again, the ditch in this plot was not obvious, and there appeared to be a clear square of higher resistance readings (shown in white on the black and white plots, and in orange on the colour plots).  While doing the survey, we again picked up a large number of flints. The photo below shows some of the flints found since we first visited the site (click on the photo to see a larger image):

Flints from oval barrow

At home I was able to use a software package called Snuffler to join together the results from the three 20m squares and edge match the results.  The combined plot is shown below (click on the photo to see a larger image):

Burgate Oval Combined 3

The results become a little clearer when joined together, particularly in the grey scale plots.  A continuation of the ditch is seen for a short length in the top left square, before being obscured by the wide curving feature shown in blue on the colour plots.  It is also possible to see traces of the oval ditch in the top right square.  One strange feature is a thin rectangular line of low readings seen in the grey scale plots, with the bottom left corner at (11, 22) and top right corner at (35, 35).

Hopefully the picture will become clearer when the last square is surveyed.

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