AVAS Summer Barbeque 2013

We couldn’t have chosen better weather for the AVAS 2013 summer barbeque – there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the sun had been beating down all day.  The venue was once again an idyllic spot down by the river on Mark’s farm.

AVAS Barbeque 2013
The food was excellent – thanks to everyone who tended the barbeque and shared cakes and strawberries.  As the evening drew to a close, we were treated to a fantastic sunset.

AVAS Barbeque 2013Once again, many thanks to Mark for hosting the barbeque in a perfect location.  More photos have been uploaded to the AVAS Flickr photostream.

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One Response to AVAS Summer Barbeque 2013

  1. steve moody says:

    Just so sorry we were unable to come. The hospital said a week face down to fix Chrissie’s eye after the operation was crucial so that was that. Hope you all had the usual fun time, see you all soon.
    Steve and Chrissie

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