Geophysics Survey 19th May 2013

On Sunday 19th May 2013, Mark, John and I made our first visit of the season to our regular site to survey another square with the resistivity meter.  As discussed at the AGM, this year we have decided to concentrate our efforts towards the north of the site, on a flat area towards a promontory with extensive views over the valley below.

Geophysics 19th May 2013

We spent quite a bit of time laying out a baseline, and measuring out the target 20m square (D8).  The equipment was working perfectly, and the ground conditions were good and not too dry.  We quickly covered the square, and after a few technical issues with the laptop, waited with anticipation for the results to draw up.  The results did not disappoint, as shown below.

Results Square D8

Both plots above represent the square, each representing a slightly different visualisation of the data.  Yellow and orange represent high resistivity, and green and blue areas of lower resistivity.  There are some clear linear trends in the plot, particularly one from bottom left to top right.  Future survey work is planned for adjacent squares, which may provide more clarity.  However, there are already some clear potential targets for evaluation later in the year.

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