Geophysics Update July 2012

We recently returned to our regular site near Fordingbridge to continue our geophysics work.  Last weekend involved locating our original baseline, doing two traverses across the field, and measuring in two more baselines in other parts of the field.  The heat finally beat us, and we decided to retire without starting the geophysics survey.  However, this preparation allowed us to hit the ground running when we returned to the site today.

The first square we chose was at the far side of the site, on sloping ground.  The ground was quite challenging, and we had a few problems getting the meter calibrated.  It was also exactly a year since we did our last survey, so we had to re-acquaint ourselves with the routine!

The results from this square showed that the meter was still in full working order, with a clear trend across the square, as shown below (click the picture for a larger version).

However, this pattern could well be geological, or due to the hillwash action on the slope.  We then moved to the top of the hill, where ground conditions were much more stable.  We had a few problems re-locating our baseline due to a slight error on the original plan (sorry about that!).  Despite interest from some horses, we managed to get into a good routine and quickly complete the square.  The results are shown below (click the picture for a larger version).

This square is a little more interesting, with a possible line of high resistance from mid-top of the square to mid-right.  It will be interesting to survey adjacent squares to see if this pattern is continued.  This ‘feature’ provides a potential target for investigation during our excavation that we are planning later in the year.

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