AVAS Visit to Downton Moot 2012

Members of AVAS enjoyed a visit to Downton Moot on the afternoon of Sunday, June 17th, which fortunately turned out to be warm and sunny. The present sad condition of the balustrade at the entrance was explained (an attack by a fungus probably due to there being no waterproof membrane between the wood and the brickwork).
AVAS Visit Downton 2012
However the grounds did not disappoint with the sunken lawn with it`s herbaceous border, and numerous paths leading off to walks through laurel, along the old ditches, up to the top of the amphitheatre with a view down to the pond, and Bevis Mount, with it`s view to Clearbury hill-fort.

AVAS Visit Downton 2012
AVAS Visit Downton 2012

There are wild areas and areas of mown grass, and lots of splendid trees.
AVAS Visit Downton 2012
The pond however  is not looking quite at it`s best at the moment as the annual removal of the accursed blanket weed (Spirogyra Adnate) has not yet taken place. This detracts a little from the beautiful water lilies just in bloom but hopefully the weed will be cleared soon.
AVAS Visit Downton 2012
The Moot is open to the public at all times –  see Downton Village website for more information. It is Downton`s ‘secret garden’ and is worth visiting at any time of the year – be warned though some of the paths are a bit uneven and some are quite steep.
After our tour of the Moot we went on to Woodgreen village hall for a substantial and delicious tea, followed by a talk telling the story of the wonderful murals covering the walls of the main hall, depicting life in the village in the 1930`s. This too is worth a visit.
There are more photos of the day available on the AVAS Flickr photostream.
Credits:  Thanks to Ann for the words and Mark and Vanessa for the photos.
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