Salisbury Museum Lectures

I was recently looking at the Salisbury Museum website, and noticed the museum’s lecture programme.  Some of the lectures may be of interest to AVAS members, including:

October 2011

The Knowlton Prehistoric Landscape Project – We know a lot about Round Barrows don’t we?’  John Gale, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, Bournemouth University

November 2011:

Damerham Archaeology Project: more to find in the Wessex heartlands?’  Dr Helen Wickstead, Kingston University and Martyn Barber, Aerial Survey, English Heritage.

December 2011:

Finding Inspiration from the Landscape: Cranborne Chase‘  Dr Martin Green and Chris Carter, potter.

March 2012:

Durrington Walls MOD site‘  Andy Manning, Wessex Archaeology.

April 2012:

The Parkers of Heytesbury: The First Field Archaeologists‘  Dr Paul Everill, University of Winchester.

Please see the Salisbury Museum lecture programme web page for details of dates and times of these lectures.

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