Aerial photography update

Since the last air-pic post, we have been busy on the farm baling the winter feed. As the mowing has progressed, it has been possible to continue taking photos with the model under changing conditions of weather, ground cover and soil moisture content.

On the right of the above photo, there appears to be a large square enclosure in the former open meadow north of Ringwood although this will need to be checked against the old strip pattern. Circular features also show up in the arable field at top centre. Hopefully, more flights will reveal further details.

The summer weather has led to a sharp increase in the number of useful photos- even after careful pruning, the useable photos numbered about 5000 by early September. I have just purchased a 1TB hard-drive which has relieved the pressure on the computer as it has massively increased the storage space. Several interesting areas have been identified for investigation with the Resistivity gear, and as the nights have been drawing in, it has been possible to begin transferring details from the photos to the farm maps. The complex pattern of features revealed in the floodplain does not appear to relate exactly to the pre-enclosure strip pattern, so this will be looked at when a high quality copy of the early parish map has been obtained from the County Records Office.

Some improvements to the model equipment have suggested themselves so a simple trigger will be added to save the wasted photos taken while climbing to suitable altitude. The continuous shooting mode is still ideal however. A larger model power-glider is under construction to improve the duration and smoothness of the flights. However, these changes are not essential and the original set-up is still good enough for the job and will probably be retained for it’s simplicity. The 2nd photo shows a different angle on the square “feature” (if it really exists!). The area shown in the larger field is about 30 acres for an idea of scale.

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