Model aircraft photos- part 3

Having found a suitable camera and fitted it into the model plane, the next step was to use the set-up to obtain photos of interesting features on the ground. Unlike a real aeroplane which can cover a great distance and photograph a site within a broad landscape, a model operates in a small circle around the operator, covering maybe 15 acres in detail during each flight.

I decided to use the model to obtain photos of the two squares I surveyed recently with the resistivity equipment to compare the different techniques. The first square was the raised feature by the river shown on a previous blog post. I replotted the location of the 20m. square and marked the corners with white polystyrene ceiling tiles. this took about 10 minutes using the notes from the previous survey.

The first square by the river Avon. Top right is the A338 road.

In the picture, the square can be seen as 4 dots at bottom left with the raised feature visible as a parch mark. An artificial leat was also noticed a little downstream, above the apex of the river bend, and this, along with an adjoining earthwork, will have to be investigated. The gravel terrace is about 2m. above the floodplain in the top left hand corner of the pic. A practical shortcoming was immediately noticed- the square’s alignment is not shown and this has  been dealt with in later photos. In fact, the starting point of the res.survey (point1,1) is the top right corner in this photo, so the square is “upside down”.  The original geophysics plot for this square is shown below:

Geophysics Marks Farm Riverbank

Geophysics plot - square in previous photo

Looking North West across the Avon- linear features can be clearly identified in the meadows on the other side of the river.

The second photograph shows several interesting features in the vicinity of the square, including an oxbow lake, linear features and an old course of the Dockens Water predating the parish and manor boundaries.

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2 Responses to Model aircraft photos- part 3

  1. blogavas says:

    Hi Mark – thanks for the great post. It’s really interesting how the parch mark in the photo and the anomaly in the geophysics survey correlate, showing how these survey techniques could complement each other in the future. When I get a chance I will add a link from this post to the original geophysics results.

  2. mvincentavas says:

    Thanks for adding the survey results, Mike, I wish I had photographed the square up the right way, but you have to learn as you go along. I find that the photos loose a bit of resolution when they are downloaded from the album but I don’t know if that can be helped! Although the camera says it is 12MegaPixels, this is reduced when it is taking continuous pics and they only come out at around 3.5 MP. I will add the pics of the other square when I can.

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