Geophysics Survey Mark’s Farm May 2011

Despite the difficult conditions at our main geophysics survey site (see my last post), Mark has been mastering the equipment on his own farm down by the river.  Here conditions are less dry, and certainly more suited to a resistivity survey.  In a team of one, he marked out a grid square, set up the machine and completed a survey of the square.  The effort was certainly worth it, with some very impressive results.  Here is a plot of the results:

Geophysics Marks Farm Riverbank

Geophysics plot - Mark's farm

The plots all show the same grid square, each using a slightly different way of representing the data.  The grid square covered ‘an unusual bump by the river bank’, and the bump is clearly depicted in the plot, and shows the equipment is operating effectively.

Mark also surveyed a grid square covering an old stream bed, picked up on an aerial photograph taken from his model plane!  The results are shown below:

geophysics marks farm streambed

Geophysics - stream bed at Mark's farm

The results here are slightly less distinct, but there is a clear edge across the south east corner of the square.  We are considering doing some more survey work near the river while the dry spell continues!

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2 Responses to Geophysics Survey Mark’s Farm May 2011

  1. Mark Vincent says:

    The clear feature in the first square is a raised area on the riverbank, near to the site of the AVAS barbeque. Several members remarked on it last year and speculated as to what it might be. The print out shows the contrast between the gravel of the feature and the meadow silt around it. The damp conditions should enable us to carry on surveying here through the drought.
    The second square shows the reverse situation, with a silt filled stream bed (pre-dating the earliest maps) in a hard gravel field. The stream shows up clearly on the air photos.

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