Geophysics survey 21 May 2011

It was another fine and sunny day for a continuation of the geophysics work yesterday, conditions which are not necessarily welcome when doing a resistivity survey.  A team of four set out a grid at the top of the hill.  This tested our surveying skills, as we had to do a traverse up the hill from our baseline.  On checking our accuracy against a known point, we were very satisfied with an error of only a couple of centimeters :-).

However, the survey itself did not go quite so smoothly.  The meter readings were fluctuating significantly at each point, and we decided to change the battery in an attempt to cure the problem, as shown below.

Geophysics 21 May 2011

While the battery was being changed, the resident horses decided to check out what was being done to their field:

Geophysics 21 May 2011 Horses

The battery change did not appear to correct the problem with the meter, and we decided the extremely dry soil conditions were adversely affecting the readings.  The horses stood resolutely in the grid square, trying to pull up our grid lines and eat the cable.

Geophysics 21 May 2011

In the end we retreated down the hill in search of better conditions, but were unsuccessful.  So, our only success during the day was to survey in some reference points at the top of the hill.  We have decided that during the dry conditions, time might be better spent mastering the equipment down near the river, at Mark’s farm.

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