AVAS Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2011

The AVAS Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 4th May.  There was a good turnout of the membership to hear reports by members of the committee.  These included:

Chairman’s Report –  Mark provided an overview of the activities of the society over the last year, including some discussion of the progress that has been made with the geophysics equipment.

Accounts – Harold discussed the accounts for the year.  Highlights included a rise in meeting fees due to the excellent attendance at monthly meetings by both members and non-members.  This has helped to offset a reduction in income due to a slight fall in the number of members.  The committee expressed their thanks to Harold for his continued efforts in keeping the accounts in order.

Library – Trevor provided some interesting stats relating to the library, an extremely valuable resource which now contains 1,368 books, as well as many maps , DVDs and pamphlets.  He was restrained in not naming and shaming the main offenders who have failed to return library items in a timely manner, in a couple of cases for up to eight years!  They must be really interesting books :-).  On a more serious note, Trevor expressed grave concerns over the fruitless search for a home for the library, and asked the committee to raise the priority of solving this issue.  The committe expressed their thanks to Trevor for his amazing work in developing the library into a first class resource, and this was echoed by the members present.

Fieldwork – Steve reported there has been no excavation work during the past year, but some is planned to further investigate any interesting anomalies picked up by the geophysics work.

Following the committee reports, the present committee members were unanimously re-elected for the coming year.  The AGM was closed, and after the required refreshment break, members were treated to three fascinating talks:

Wealden buildings – a discussion of the architectural features of this class of timber framed building, and efforts to conserve and restore an example of such a building.

The Hampton Ridge Bombing Range Night Target – a fascinating talk on the efforts to uncover the remains of a night target in the New Forest.

DIY Aerial photography – a talk by Mark on his adventures with a model plane and a couple of cheap cameras.  Despite the modest amounts of money spent, the aerial images acquired were really impressive, allowing previously unknown water meadow drainage patterns to be identified.  There is certainly the potential to explore the possibility of using this technique to survey crop marks in the Avon Valley.  With Mark’s permission, I will post some images in a separate post.

On behalf of the membership, I would like to thank the committee for their sterling efforts during the year.  Meetings will re-commence in September.

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