AVAS Blog Stats

It’s been good to see a significant increase in hits on the blog over the weekend.  What you might not know is that I have access to a website admin panel, that lets me see information such as the number of page views and active subscribers.

The graph below shows how the number of page views mushroomed after I sent out links to the geophysics manual on 7th April and the results of the training session on 9th April.

AVAS Blog stats

AVAS Blog stats

It is also possible to see which pages have been most popular in the last week:

AVAS Blog Page Views

AVAS Blog Page Views

It isn’t surprising that, apart from the home page, the geophysics pages have had the most hits, given the geophysics training session last weekend :-).

It is also interesting to see the links that have been clicked on the site in the last week:

AVAS Blog links clicked

AVAS Blog links clicked

The link to the AVAS Flickr page has been the most popular, and it is encouraging to see so many views of the geophysics manual.  A few visitors have also clicked through to the Chronicle and Time Team programmes available on-line, as described in this post.  There are a few strange links listed, such as ‘lifeisgoodinthewood5k.wordpress.com’.  Apologies for these – because the website is hosted for free, the web provider adds a few links to other blog posts in a section called ‘Possibly Related Posts’.

Please please please sign up for automatic email notifications when new pages or posts are added to the site.  Look for the ‘Email Subscription’ section in the right sidebar, type your email address in the box, and click ‘Sign me up’. Congratulations to John Robb who was the first brave user to sign up!

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2 Responses to AVAS Blog Stats

  1. John Robb says:

    Hi Mike
    Got your post to-day(12th April 2011 showing the stats.for Geophis. You have 38 so far as I in the course of day may access your site more than once or twice I wonder if this upsets the number of hits you get in a day/week etc

  2. blogavas says:

    Yes John – you are right that the stats are the number of times a page has been accessed rather than page views per person or browser session. However, they are good for a general indication of relative page popularity. PS – well done for being the first person to post a comment on the site!

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